What are the early symptoms and signs of cancer?

  1. Early symptoms of nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
    Nasal congestion, snot with blood; tinnitus, ear occlusion, hearing loss; neck lymph node enlargement, neck mass; migraine, facial numbness, diplopia, hoarseness, drinking cough, etc.; cough, sputum with blood, liver area pain, Bone pain, etc.
  2. Early symptoms of oral cancer.
    Generally speaking, people who are used to smoking, drinking and chewing betel nut should go to the hospital for examination if they have the following symptoms, including: oral ulcers for more than two weeks, delayed healing, oral cavity masses or neck masses; Leukoplakia or erythema in oral mucosa; haemorrhage of unknown origin in any part of the oral cavity with pain or numbness; mastication, dysphagia or pain; swelling of the gums resulting in poor or uncomfortable fixation of dentures; closed teeth, unable to open mouth.
  3. Early symptoms of esophageal cancer.
    Tight throat, sore throat; easy choking when swallowing; pain after sternum when eating, even when not eating, foreign body sensation or burning sensation behind sternum, often chest bloating, and a tendency to spit mucus. Especially for people over 35 years old, should go to hospital immediately to do a diagnostic examination.
  4. Early symptoms of lung cancer.
    Cough and blood sputum are the most common initial symptoms of lung cancer, first irritating dry cough, then coughing up white foam sputum or sputum with blood. When smokers smoke their first cigarette in the morning, coughing intensifies, people over middle-aged people suddenly have a cough, if a dry cough does not heal for a long time, they must be on guard against the possibility of lung cancer, and go to the hospital in time to make a diagnosis.
  5. Early symptoms of breast cancer Not only do women have the cancer, men should also be on guard.
    1/3 of the female breast masses are malignant tumors, breast skin such as "orange peel" or "dimple sign", local temperature increases, breast asymmetry, nipple depression, deflection or fixation, should be on the alert for breast cancer at this time, So for female friends, the early effective check is: after each menstrual check for mass, and pay attention to nipple discharge. Male breast cancer is characterized by breast swelling and hypertrophy, depression or irritation of the skin; nipple invagination or scalelike; nipple discharge; breast discomfort or tenderness.