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Cell-based Gene Therapy for Premature Ovarian Failure, Mrs. Lin from Singapore

Name: Mrs. Lin
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Nationality: Singapore
Diagnosis: Premature Ovarian Failure
Therapy: Cell-based Gene Therapy (HGF and adipose-derived stem cells)

Conditions Before Cell-Based Gene Therapy For Premature Ovarian Failure

Mrs. Lin is a 29 years old patient from Singapore. She is very pleasant and her life is very happy in every aspect except for premature ovarian failure, which has troubled her and made her unable to have a baby.

Mrs. Lin experienced menstruation disorder when she was 25. She had irregular periods, and sometimes she experienced a skipped period. She was diagnosed with “Endocrine Disorder” at the beginning as consulted with doctor. Her conditions deteriorated to dryness of the vagina, ocular damage and insomnia as time passed.

She got married at 28, Mrs. Lin began to worry about her condition as she and her husband were eager to have children. They searched for many treatments but with no success. Recently, she was diagnosed with “Premature Ovarian Failure”. After careful consideration, they decided to undergo cell-based gene therapy instead of using a donor egg and in vitro fertilization.

Therapy and Procedure

Cell-based Gene Therapy (HGF and adipose-derived stem cells): 4 IV injections

Conditions after Cell-Based Gene Therapy for Premature Ovarian Failure

A week after cell-based gene therapy treatment, there were no significant changes, this made Mrs. Lin and her husband worried. However, they became calm after hearing the doctor’s explanation that the therapy required time to take effect.Three weeks after the therapy, Mrs. Lin’s ocular damage began to recover. Her insomnia started to improve. Three months after her discharge, Mrs. Lin’s period became regular. She was quite happy and wrote to us:“This is such an amazing treatment and I can finally start to conceive a baby. My husband is so thrilled. Thank you so much…”

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