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Amjad, Spinal Cord Injury, from South Africa

Spinal cord injury patient

After the 2017 Chinese New Year, ReLife ushered a South African patient called Amjad. A fifty year-old man who suffered serious spinal cord injury caused by a car accident two years ago. In addition to the direct injury to the spinal cord, he also got many serious complications, such as no sensation below the chest or abdominal breathing at all and bedsore on his coccygeal vertebra, and lack of strength in his upper limb and lung. What`s more, the wastage of his spinal cord and sensory function has already reached to D4 level. And he has been paralyzed in bed for two years.

Although Amjad always suffered from the disease, he still always kept smiling every time when he met with our medical staff. But we could feel sentiment and loneness from his strong eyes. I still remember once he took out a photo and chocked with sobs. “Look, this is my son, he’s five years old, and he’s so cute!” The whole discourse revealed his love and miss for his son. We wish he could recover soon and reunion with his son.

According to Amjad’s situation, ReLife`s medical team came up with an all-around rehabilitation plan for him. And we have been made reasonable combination between TCM and the stem cell therapy. After two months elaborate treatment, our efforts finally paid off. Amjad`s condition have already got an unbelievably improvement.

After two months TCM&Stem cell treatment:

Regained the abdominal breathing

His bedsore has already been healed

Regained the strength to his upper limb& lung

Congratulations to you! My friend, And we wish you all the best.

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