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Excellent! Excellent! Ali Can Walk Now!

Ali is suffered from cerebellar atrophy for many years, he cant hold things, he cant stand, or walk, the legs are disharmony. Ali is a fighter, even though he is come from a poor family, but he want to be a normal person, he know he cant afford transnational treating, so his family start saving and send him to Beijing, where our center is located. Ali’s disease is serious, is a chronic disease, but the doctors are very positive, because they saw this young man’s urge to stand, and his ambitious, that’s important. After two weeks treatment, Ali was very cooperative, he does what the doctors say, and keep exercise, today, just after one term of traditional Chinese method, he can walk now, the doctors are very surprised, even though, he can only walk with some help, but it’s a big step. He made it!

We believe after the treatment, Ali will be far more better than the first day he was here. The doctors and him are a team, they work together, we congratulate Ali, we hope all the patients who suffer the same disease, can be well someday.

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