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Bahia suffers from RA

Bahia, a 55 year-old high school geography teacher from Qatar caught multiple disease through hardworking for a long time. Such as RA, cervical vertebra disease and the knee joint disease. And all of these diseases made her very painful for near a decade. Before she come Beijing for treatment, she had been received the medical treatment in her own country, but the local western medicine treatment hadn’t helped to relieve her pain. Also, because of the multiple side effects of the western medicine she always wants to find a kind of pure natural therapy to treat her disease. Finally she decided to come to China.  At first day morning when she came to Relife, she couldn’t even been sit up to say hello to our doctors because of the pain on her whole body.

Relife is a well-experienced hospital on treating RA disease, and our team has great confidence against RA. According to the statistic data, over 85% of patients have noticed pain and join swelling relief, 75% of patients reported pain disappearance in the later TCM with no reoccurrences. But because of the individual difference between the patients, our medical team has to make the best treatment plan according to the different situations. After the series discussion, we decided to use the comprehensive rehabilitation therapy for her. Such as massage, acupuncture, exercise (qigong) and cupping. All these therapies were pure natural without any side effects. While she was being treated, Mr. Fang Peng, who is good at speaking and translating Arabic, became the role of translator for Bahia. He and the customer service stuff have made great convenience for Bahia, whether in the treatment or in daily life.

After three weeks combined TCM treatment, Bahia`s condition has already become much better. And she tells us that the happiest thing for her is that she is able to back on the stage once again. What a perfect result!


Before TCM treatment:

  • RA
  • Cervical Spondylosis
  • Degenerative disease of knee joint
  • Seriously EMS on both hands


     After three weeks TCM treatment:

Chinese Medicine (personalize formula) for 3 months

The EMS on both hands disappears

Both legs can walk flexibly without any pain.

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