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Alice, 46, from South Africa, with serous RA

Alice, 46 years old, coming from South Africa, is a pretty and elegant lady who is competent in international trade. She works in her family firm on maternal and child care supplies. To make the business bigger, she flies to many counties to talking about collaboration frequently, bringing great results.

finger joint pain and swelling

Yet, the long term hard work, irregular diet and the inadequate sleep made her body immunity lower and unfortunately rheumatoid arthritis hit her 11 years ago. Her hand joint was so swelling and severely deformed that it was even difficult for her to hold a pen, let alone cooking for herself. Furthermore, her shoulder, knee and her waist was too painful for her to fall asleep at night.

However, she refused to take painkillers all because of her aunt’s case, who got the same disease died of taking the western medicine to relieve the pain. She was seeking for the green and natural therapy all the time.

This year she was on business in Yiwu, in the east part of China. And when a cooperative partner learned Alice was so painful with RA and cared towards her, she suggested she fly to ReLife International Medical Center, located in Beijing, China for the green and effective treatment.

When Alice got to ReLife International medical Center and met the doctors, she was very polite, but quite upset for the great pain. Yet, the ReLife staff believes happiness can be passed on to one another. We will do all we can to help her not only in the personal and comprehensive medical treatment but also in the daily life. Customer-service girl accompanies with her for shopping, cooks for her, and orders special food online, doing almost everything for her when necessary. Soon, she feels very comfortable and relaxed, which is good for the treatment.

All effort pays off, after two weeks’ intensive treatment, 90% of the pain RA brings to Alice goes off, and her fingers are not swollen any more, able to hold and stretch freely. Besides, the pain in the back, waist and the knee is relieved greatly. Alice is satisfied with the treating effect which is all beyond his imagination. In order to treasure this wonderful memory, she makes herself up well before taking pictures with the ReLife doctors and nurses.

Two months after she discharged from ReLife International medical Center, she brought us the good news that all the indexes in her test report are normal. Congratulations, my dear friend, this is the most beautiful words to us doctors and nurses. Wish you keep healthy and happy every day.

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