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You are the most handsome boy, my little prince from Morocco

Name: Amin
Age: 2 years old
Nationality: Morocco
Diagnosis:Cerebral Palsy
Approach: rehabilitation therapy and TCM


On April 28th, 2017, ReLife ushered a two year-old child from Morocco called Amin, an extremely cute boy who suffers from Cerebral Palsy after birth. All of us felt sad the first time we met him. And we decided to help him immediately.


His condition could be summarized into the following key points. For instance, he was not able to keep his head up and steady, and he also had adduction deformity in his fingers. In addition, the muscular tension on his hands and feet were much higher than the children at the same age. It was these factors that deprived him from his happy childhood.


According to Amin’s situation, ReLife’s medical team came up with an all-around rehabilitation plan for him. After four months’ elaborate treatment, little Amin’s condition got evident improvement. When discharged, he could hold up his head straightly. At the same time, his fingers and toes could straighten out naturally. More importantly, he could also walk with the others’ help. We were very proud of you because our effort pays off.


You are the greatest boy. My sweetheart! And I believe that the TCM can certainly bring the blue sky back to you. You can run on the lawn like other children. You can also sing the nice songs with your childish voice in the future.

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