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A 22- year-old Pakistan boy with Friendrich’s Ataxia

Usman, 22 years old, born in a happy family. Unfortunately, he has Friendrich’s Ataxia and has been lying in bed for 7 years. When he was three years old, his parents found he got bad balance when walking or playing. What’s worse, when 15 years old he often fell down and soon was unable to manage it and had to sit in the wheelchair.ataxia patient story in ReLife International Medical Center

His parents loved him so much that they never gave up seeking for the treatment all over the world as they wanted Usman to live longer and live normal life without so much pain. After trying all the effort, no gains paid off. Usman got more and more pessimistic as his condition became worse.

Accepting one friend’s advice, they traveled a long way to Beijing, the capital of China. Before the treatment, his leg had no feeling, unable to lift a little and he could not sit himself. After the comprehensive assessment, the ReLife experts gave the personal treatment. Gradually, Usman’s leg has more feeling and Usman felt the pain acupuncture brought, he was passive about the treatment as in his deep heart he thought there was no treatment for his disease. In order to make Usman confident with himself, all his doctors and nurses encouraged him and told him he could make it and walk himself.

After one month’s intensive treatment, all the effort paid off and there came the miracle. Usman could sit all by himself for half an hour, turn over freely, lift his legs high, even could stand for 3 minutes, which was unbelievable before coming to ReLife. More importantly, the changes give Usman the great confidence for life.

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