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Cancer: Kata from German

Disclaimer:  Please note the results will differ due to each patient’s unique condition. Please submit your medical files to obtain a professional consultation with us.


Patient Name: Kata

Gender: Female

Age: 59

Nationality: Germany

Days Admitted to Hospital: 20 days

Therapy: DC-CIK Biotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Supportive Therapy.


  1. Status post rectal resection
  2. Brain metastatic carcinoma
    1. The brain metastatic carcinoma on the left side of the region of the occipital bone
    2. Resection of the cerebellar metastatic carcinoma
  3. Pulmonary metastatic carcinoma
    1. Status post wedge resection of a pulmonary metastasis
    2. Lymph node metastasis carcinoma in the left subcarinal and hilar lymph nodes (suspicion)
  4. Hepatic metastatic carcinoma
  5. Osseous metastatic carcinoma
  6. Adrenal metastatic carcinoma (suspicion)



Our patient Boras Kata is a 59-year-old graceful woman who has been suffering from the resection of a cerebellar metastatic carcinoma for 4 months, status post rectal resection and status post wedge resection of a pulmonary metastasis a for 3 months. She has turned to ReLife International Medical Center to require hospitalization to receive DC-CIK Biotherapy.


Medical Condition before DC-CIK Biotherapy

The first time she went to the local hospital to have MRI examination on the head part in June, 2014, due to she felt discomfort (no obvious cause) in her head with lapse of memory. The result showed space-occupying lesions on the left side of the region of the occipital bone and cerebellum. After MRI examination of whole baby, the space-occupying lesions on the rectal part were found. Rectal carcinoma was diagnosed. (The method of exam and diagnosis was unknown). Resection of a cerebellar metastasis on June 12th, 2014; remaining brain metastasis on the left side of the region of the occipital bone (left occipital); Dexamethasone was recommended in order to avoid the postoperative complications. Status post rectal resection on July 2nd, 2014, and the colostomy were made at the same time. Status post wedge resection of a pulmonary metastasis in the inferior lobe, left side, on July 31st, 2014.


When she was admitted to ReLife International Medical Center, the patient was conscious, clear speech, cooperative, normal appetite, and normal urination constipation from artificial anus 4-5 time per day, general nutritional status, mild anemia. A vertical surgical scar (1.5cm) was noticed above the navel. A diagonal surgical scar (15cm) was noticed in the middle of the 5th rib and 6th rib. Postoperative blood stasis of drainage operation was showed below the surgical scar. Yellow-white moss-formed attachments were spread on the tongue, mucosa of both sides of oral cavity and pharyngeal wall. Mild swollen thyroid gland was noticed in the neck. No obvious side, no pressing pain, no touch tremor, no vascular murmur. The lungs were clear to auscultation bilaterally, without rales and rhonchi, regular respiratory. Respiratory murmur on right lung was a little bit weaker and respiratory murmur on left lung was stronger. Regular heartbeat with beat rate was 82 T/m, no pleural friction sound and no pericardial friction sound. Soft abdomen. Liver and spleen were unsatisfied, no pressing pain, rebound tenderness. The colostomy bag was seen on the right lower abdomen. The spinal physiological curvature was normal. Normal structure of limbs, normal motion of joint. Moderate swollen was showed below the knees.


DC-CIK Biotherapy & TCM for Twenty Days

After admission, the patient was treated with antitumor therapy by using elemene injection combined with gemcitabine intravenous injection. The fat emulsion was used for providing the body nutrition; fentanyl patch, tramadol tablets, oxycodone-acetaminophen tablets were taken to relieve the cancer pain; itraconazole was given to treat fungal infection; Chinese traditional medicine: acupuncture, cupping, combined with herbal medicine were applied on patient to enhance therapy effects and lessen the side effects of anti-cancer therapy (like nausea, vomit); DC-CIK Therapy were given to improve patient’s immunity , so as to enhance the ability to kill tumor cell.


Medical Condition after DC-CIK Biotherapy

The patient is conscious, normal spirit, good verbal logic; normal sleep, appetite, normal urination and defecation. There are still pain on her back, legs and ankles. No complain of other pain. Physical Examination: general status, BP:136/83mmHg, the lungs are clear to auscultation bilaterally, without rales and rhonchi, regular respiratory, regular heartbeat with beat rate is 108T/m, flat and soft abdomen, normal liver and spleen. Normal activity of four limbs, there is mild edema on the left lower extremity. The skin erythema is relieved but still visible. Re-examination showed monila albicans infection of oral cavity is relieved.

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