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ReLife opens a new era in Chinese apitherapy

To dear ReLife’s patients and friends,

This Monday was absolutely a historical day, whether for ReLife or world TCM. Because on this day, the International Research Center of Apitherapy was officially founded in the headquarters of ReLife. And it also symbolized that the BEIJING`s first ever international hospital of apitherapy was officially on the line. Nearly 50 representatives from the Chinese and world medical industry attended this event. It will provide medical services for patients who suffer osteoarthritis disease, rheumatoid arthritis disease, infertility, immune system disease, and cancer.

This hospital was co-branded by ReLife and the 39 Apitherapy network. In addition, both sides also reached other cooperation items about apitherapy. Such as the culture promotion, technical application and personnel training program and signed the formal agreement.

Another huge decision which has been made in this meeting was that both sides have agreed to establish the international cooperation based on the IRCA. As Mr. Zeng Wei, the Chinese dutiful son in apitherapy anticancer said in his speech: “In the future, with such a professional world academic platform, we can provide help to more cancer patients from all over the world. And the establishment of the international clinical research center of apitherapy will certainly be able to make benefits for the development of the world`s apitherapy industry. I believe that more and more patients from all over the world will have the hope to defeat their disease through the Chinese apitherapy.” And the whole medical team also believe that from then on, the Chinese apitherapy is entering a new era.

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