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Mr. Sun, a Reporter from China Three Gorges News, published an Article for ReLife’s Saving his Life in the Airplane

Today, it is a normal working day for us, googling information and translating medical document is our daily routine. Suddenly we came across with a piece of news over the internet, about our hospital. The author is a man surnamed Sun, who we saved on the airplane flying to Dubai last year December. On the article, Mr. Sun would not express enough for his gratitude for ReLife’s doctors for saving his life.

It was on 2nd Dec, 2015, ReLife’s president Dr. Zhang with TCM doctor He, marketing manager Miss Zhou were on the airplane of EK 309, heading for a medical conference Dubai. Mr. Sun a reporter for China Three Gorges was on the plane too. Suddenly there is a male passenger starts to sway his arm unconsciously, his left leg becomes stiff and hard,almost lost his consciousness. According to him, “I feel like dying.” Dr. He, from ReLife International Medical Center, performs acupoint massage on his head, finger, feet and leg to stimulate his blood circulation to unclog his blockage. In order to release this pressure, she borrows a brooch from the flight attendant and sanitizes it with vodka to puncture his finger tip. According to the man,” he feels much better now.” The airplane finally diverted to Karachi, Pakistan to get further medical attention. Since this incident, ReLife’s doctors have never seen Mr. Sun again. Until we saw this article today, our memory was brought back to this scene.







We are glad to know that Mr. Sun is stable and healthy, at least he can write again. According to Dr. Zhang, “as a doctor saving lives is a natural thing to do, regardless of religion, nation or location. It’s what we do.”


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