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Under the leadership of Bureau of TCM, ReLife showcases at Macau Exhibition

On October 19, 2017, the ReLife International Medical Center, as the first batch of Beijing TCM International Medical Service Base selected by Beijing traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, appeared on behalf of China Beijing international medical institutions at the 22nd  International Trade Fair in Macao.

At the meeting, vice mayor of Beijing, Macao’s secretary for economy and finance, the points of ccpit, director of the Hong Kong and Macao affairs office of Beijing municipal people’s government, and Macao center, deputy director of the Beijing administration of traditional Chinese medicine association for the advancement of enterprise zone, respectively to investigate understanding of ReLife international medical center in reception international patients to make unremitting efforts, for ReLife international medical center in the outstanding contribution to the field of traditional Chinese medicine said full recognition and support.

At the signing ceremony of the Partnership Action in Beijing and Macao, Luo Zenggang, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of traditional Chinese Medicine, focused on recommending the ReLife International Medical Center. It is hoped that the consummate Chinese medicine technology of the ReLife International Medical Center can be spread in Macao and benefit more patients. Carry forward the tradition of traditional Chinese medicine.

Friends at home and abroad showed great interest in TCM and praised Gong, director of ReLife International Medical Center, for his skill in pulse-taking. A short five-second pulse can find out the state of the body and know the mystery of the body without asking any questions. All the friends present were amazed.

Carolina Valente, president of the Iberian Youth Association in Brazil, was shocked after experiencing the magic of Director Gong’s two-handed pulse-taking, saying that she had suffered from a decade of scapulohumeral periarthritis. “This is the doctor I’m looking for,” she praised.

President Chen of the China-Europe International Business Association expressed great interest in opening branches of Chinese medicine in Portuguese-speaking countries, saying the ReLife International Medical Center was the partner he had been looking for.”China is the root of Macao, and the traditional is the best,” he said, adding that he was willing to introduce Macao patients to the ReLife International Medical Center for green and natural botanical treatments.

This is the second time since Beijing Fair that ReLife International Medical Center represents China Beijing International medical institutions to attend the international medical exhibition. The development and inheritance of Chinese medicine need to be promoted by people from all walks of life. I believe that with the support of the Chinese Medicine Administration, ReLife International Medical Center has confidence in spreading Chinese medicine culture to every corner of the world and bringing benefits to more patients.

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