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Good News! The Representative from Sudan Embassy Come to Visit Us

the Sudan embassy come to visit ReLife International Medical Center

Walid, the representative from Sudan embassy, come to ReLife international medical center to visit patients from Sudan. Walid was very gentle and kind, when he got here, he expressed greeting to all the people who was there welcoming him. Dawood is our worker here, who is responsible for coordinating, so he took Walid around, showed him our patients room, operating room from the outside, and relaxing room. The patients are suffering from Spinocerebellar Atrophy, is a serious disease, greatly affected the normal life of the patients, they cant walk, they cant sit, they have dizziness all the time. Walid is very confident about us, he has faith in traditional Chinese methods, so he told the patients to trust the doctors, and have faith in themselves.

Though Walid didn’t stay for a long time, but all the workers here are all very excited to receive such a gental official, we are looking forward to his next visit.

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