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Naturopathy in ReLife

Apitherapy is naturopathy for the use of scientific and artistic honeycomb products to prevent and/or cure hundreds of human diseases. It is the synthesis of bee products, including honey, pollen, bee needles, royal jelly, and everything that bees have. Bee venom therapy (BVT) was practiced in ancient China, Greece, and Egypt – three Great Civilization known for their highly medical systems. Now the treatment has been widely used in Europe and Far East countries. Unlike the countries, bee venom therapy in China is a combination of traditional Chinese medicine, modern medicine and biomedical science.


According to traditional Chinese medicine theory dialectical treatment, bee venom therapy is the bee sting instead of acupuncture needle, while the amount of auto-injected intradermal pharmacological effects of bee needle liquid, bee needle site secondary to local flushing, congestion, both moxibustion effect, Through the acupuncture, medicine, moxibustion three combined activation of the body’s immune system, enabling it to start self-repair. Bee venom therapy is used to treat various spinal, joint, neural or muscular-skeletal ailments: rheumatoid arthritis, gout, cancer, MS, ALS, mood disorders.

The healing capacity of bee venom is started after a sting, when it stimulates the adrenal glands to produce cortisol, a natural hormone that has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, BVT starts the immune system to produce a healing responding through the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of bee venom make it a unique weapon in fighting bacterial and viral ailments of the central nervous system and elsewhere. On the PBS television show Nature, it was reported in the summer of 2005 that venom from a variety of animals has the capacity to kill cancer cells. Apitherapy does not only use bee venom for healing, it incorporates all of the bee products — and usually in combination.

TCM has been practiced for over 2000 years in China and nowadays is used in more and more countries due to its fantastic treatment effects. The most common forms of TCM performed are acupuncture, cupping, massage (Tui na), herbal medicine, exercise (Qigong) and dietary therapy. Doctors at ReLife International Medical Center treat many diseases with bee venom therapy, such as ALS, cancer, rheumatic arthritis and so on. Combined with TCM, many patients begin a new life after the comprehensive Chinese methods treatment.


Stem cell therapy also known as regenerative therapy, is one of the most advanced treatment methods applied in medical field in modern days. Despite stem cell has a lot debatable issues, it has a promising potential in treating various kind of diseases. Many types of stem cell therapy are put into application globally. Once our body is invaded by a disease, our tissue will be damaged and cause malfunction to certain body part. By implanting stem cell into our body, the stem cell will eventually repair or replace the damaged part, allowing it to function normally again, thus bringing full recovery to the whole body.


Different stem cell therapy is used for different disease.

Different stem cell therapy is used for different disease. There are various types of stem cell with each carries its own function. Each type of stem cell regenerates in a specific way and will eventually become a functional cell to fulfill its own purpose. Common stem cells used in medical treatment are umbilical stem cell, adipose derived stem cell etc. The most common diseases that applied with stem cell therapy are usually cerebellar atrophy, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, spinal cord injury and etc. At ReLife International Medical Center, we apply either umbilical stem cell or adipose derived stem cell for different disease, depending on which stem cell can provide the best approach.

Stem cell needs a very delicate and healthy environment to survive.

Stem cell is like a “baby cell” which requires being carefully cultivated in a very delicate environment. Therefore, individual’s health condition is a major concern when it comes to stem cell therapy, if the receiver has infectious or immune related diseases, the stem cell therapy may show only minor effect or no effect at all. Therefore, before receiving stem cell therapy, a thorough physical and health examination should be given to evaluate the individual’s general condition.

Stem cell therapy need to be operated by professionals.

Although stem cell therapy is conducted using injection approach and the process is simple, it does not mean everyone can operate it. Stem cell therapy is definitely not a home remedy. Usually the injection is conducted as soon as the stem cell is completely cultivated to ensure the survival rate of stem cell after it is injected. The healthier the stem cell is, the more effective the treatment will result.