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About Lab

Lab Introduction of ReLife International Medical Center

ReLife’s lab is the Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Research Laboratory that affiliated to the Academy of Military Medical Sciences of Chinese PLA Center for Disease Control & Prevention, China. The lab team has engaged in the researching and developing new drugs for many years. They researched 19 new drugs, 11 of which gained clinical research approval documents. They have over 30 national patents and 6 international patents.

  • Research Patents for Reference
  • Research Patent No.: ZL99100305.5
  • One type of “Recombinant Adenovirus” and its application in tumor treatment;
  • Research Patent No.: ZL99122378.0
  • One type of new compound that can lower blood glucose;
  • Research Patent No.: ZL00100739.4
  • One type of “Recombinant Adenovirus” and its application in prevention of fibrosis diseases; 
  • Research Patent No.: ZL00132196.X
  • One type of “Recombinant Plasmid” and its application in prevention of diseases; 
  • Research Patent No.: ZL01129209.1
  • One type of “Recombinant Adenovirus” and its application in Treatment for Myocardial Ischemia; 
  • Research Patent No.: ZL02816381.8
  • The application of Diphenylethene Compound in preparing the drugs for treating and preventing diabetes mellitus and/ retrovirus related diseases; 
  • Research Patent No.: PCT/CN2007/003722
  • Hepatocyte Growth Factor and Its Application
  • Chinese Research Patent No.: ZL03820772.9 Europe Research Patent No.: 1541589
  • Fusion protein with both thrombolysis and anti-coagulation functions and its application;
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