Is there any way that we can do to care about the ALS patients?

  1.  Everyone has his own wish, especially when life goes into the countdown. Please respect their final choice. Perhaps you can't understand, perhaps you are responsible for life. But please don't complain because they can't afford any pressure from relatives, please help them achieve almost final wishes.
  2. Their ability to live is unwittingly. When they eat one day, they can't swallow it for half a day. The people around you hold the spoon in their mouth and keep guessing and complaining. No matter what they say, they can't get you to know, "I can't swallow it". Please put yourself in their body at this moment.
  3.  Maybe they have to change the habits of the babysitter. They have to change the habits that are not easy to form - clothes, eating, washing and so on. It's very awkward, but they can't tell the nurse in person how to do it, how they hope the family can understand them, and teach the nurse how to take care of them.
  4.  Please allow them to cry. Whenever any consolation is weak at this time, help them wipe away tears or be humorous. For most of the cases, you do not know the cause of crying.
  5.  Please don't complain, especially when they have a language barrier. In fact, it's more emotional, not a positive effect. Even if you think it must be said, please change the way they are easier to accept. For example, I work hard every day, "you play less, how tired!" "if the arm is long," "if the arm is long." Time fatigue will shorten your typing time. "The latter seems more acceptable.
  6.  Most of the time they show anger and anger, there is no specific person and thing to point to, often is to vent the deep heart of the grief, think the healthy people have hundreds of ways to vent, and we? Please do not count, not to worry about.
  7.  Please respect their choice of people, the choice of things, their perspective is different, may make you feel inconvenient, and at this time it is especially necessary to trust enough, because we are blood related.