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Bee Venom Products

Royal Jelly: Among the swarm, the queen bee can live for 4-6 years long, while a worker bee can only live for 60 days. Do you know the reason? That’s because royal jelly is the permanent food for the queen bee. The royal jelly consists of rich hormones, enzyme, amino acid, vitamins, etc. The 10hydroxyl-2-decylennic acid(10-HAD), specified in royal jelly, is antibiosis and tumor inhibition, and can improve the immune function of the body system. The nutritionist believes that royal jelly is the one of the only super edible nutriment with high activity for human.

Royal jelly is effective in treating weakness, climacteric syndrome, psychoneurosis, insomnia, apositia, anemia and hyperlipidemia. It can also be applied in the comprehensive treatment of diabetes, leukopenia, infertility, hepatitis, rheumatic arthritis, depression, cerebral arteriosclerosis. For the malignant tumor patients, radioactive ray treatment or chemotherapy coordinated with royal jelly, can be effective and reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The royal jelly can also be used to moisturize the skin to treat dermatitis and baldness.

The ethnic minorities in Yunnan have already realized the precious value of royal jelly long times ago, there is an experience of ‘Royal jelly for Common Diseases’. In 1956, the 80 years old Rome pope Pio XII is at his last gasp, his doctor has tried almost everything he can to save his life, but he failed. In desperation, the pope ate some royal jelly, he surprisingly got well. So the pope introduced the royal jelly at the 16th International Bee Conference.

So does that mean the more eating royal jelly the better, does that suits everyone? No. Children who under the age of 16 and patients who just get operation can not take royal jelly, so you’d better take royal jelly under the guidance of the doctor.

Pollen: Pollen is the main food for bees and provide matters for the body and breeding. The pollen consists of unsaturated fatty acid, can provide linoleic acid for the human body. The microelements needed for human body is complete and properly proportioned in the pollen. The most important thing, such as activating enzyme, flavonoids, hormones, immunoprotein, regulate the body system dual-directional, largely improved the stress ability to achieve the purpose of exercise, illnesses, and keep young.

Pollen can be used to treat prostatosis and ED. Middle and old aged men can eat some pollen to prevent prostatic hyperplasia, avoid operations. Hundreds of men are suffering from sterility, poor appetite, bad digestive absorption. Pollen can also be used to prevent and treat duodenal ulcer bleeding, chronic atrophic gastritis, habitual constipation, climacteric syndrome, depression, chronic alcoholism, neurosis, improve body function, membrane permeability, cerebral atherosclerosis, diabetes, etc. Pollen is effective in promoting the children growth and development, prevent anemia, after operation recovery. Taking honey regularly or using pollen-contained cosmetics can protect the skin and improve the looks, reducing the acne, freckles, age pigment and winkles.

Propolis: Propolis are fragrant solid material produced from resin gathered by bees from buds and trees. Its effective in maintain the health of the whole group. A swarm composed of 50-60 thousand bees can produce 70-110 grams of propolis for the whole year. Its been called the ‘purple gold’. The propolis can be separated for many compounds and chemical elements, including flavonoids, terpenoids, fatty acid, amino acid, enzyme, polysaccharide, vitamin and more than 30 kinds of chemical elements. Its also a kind of high-effective natural medicine, control the growth of bacterial and germs, virus and protozoon. It has biological activity.

Propolis can be applied in treating trauma, Herpes zoster, chilblain, acne, eczema and other dermatosis. Its also effective in treating gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, the trauma, anabrosis, inflammation in surgery, gynecology, proctology, stomatology, ophthalmology.

Queen bee embryo: Its the larva of bees, right before the bee egg incubated to be pupa, the larva absorbed a huge amount of royal jelly to be embryo, which contains high protein, multiple vitamins and micro elements. The queen bee embryo contains more than 50 kinds of nutrient elements, such as protein( 40% of dry mater when frozen), 16 kinds of amino acid, vitamins, 20 kinds of calcium, zinc, iron, copper, selenium, manganese, magnesium, and micro elements, SOD and taurine, etc.

Queen bee embryo can improve the human body immunity, metabolism, nervous system function, inspire cell activity, internal secretion, effective in perfecting malnutrition, development retardation, insomnia, beauty, anti-aging, premature ovarian failure, hypoimmunity, chronic gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcer.

Suitable person:1. Skin dehydration, slack, winkles.

  1. Stain, acne, coarse pore, unbalance of water and oil in the skin.
  2. Bad figure, breast sag.
  3. Menstrual disorder, endocrine dyscrasia.
  4. Cranky, insomnia, poor spiritual status.
  5. Abortion, medical abortion, weakness after giving birth.

Honey: Sheng Nong’s herbal classic from two thousand years ago have classified honey as the top-grade medicine. Treatise on Febrile Diseases written by Jing Zhong, has recorded that honey was been applied in multiple disease medicines, such as using honey suppository to treat constipation.

The honey contains 70% fructose, glucose, vitamins, enzyme, organic acid, amino acid, hormone, regular elements and micro elements, etc.The honey is used to treat liver, kidney, cardiovascular disease, stomach disease, neurasthenia, anemia, tuberculosis. Children who eat honey regularly, are growing fast, with high hemoglobin and immunity. Honey is anti-bacteria, can treat chronic ulcer of leg, skin trauma, dental ulcer, oral aphthae in children, frostbite, burn and other skin disease. So eating honey is helpful for living long and prosper.

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