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Cher Li

Cher LiNationality: Chinese
Language: Mandarin, English
Department: TCM
Expertise: specializes in diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, especially vascular headache, diabetes mellitus, dementia and bronchitis.

Born in a family of traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Xue Li graduated from the Acupuncture & Massage department of Dalian Medical University, China. She has worked as a TCM physician in The Chinese People’s Liberation Army 316th Hospital, Beijing, China; as the director in the Medical Center of Beijing Yaohua Kangye Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing, China; as the director of the Health Management Center of Beijing Alice Gynecology Hospital, Beijing, China. She has abundant experience in TCM as well as health management for chronic diseases. Except above, she was also a lecturer on acupuncture and TCM for cosmetic in a renown international Medicine Research Institute of Beijing, China.


  • TCM Physician Certificate;
  • Senior Nutritionist Certificate;
  • Senior Massage Specialist Certificate
  • TCM Lecturer Certificate


  • Diet and TCM Adjustment for Fatty Liver
  • Diet and TCM Adjustment for Anemia
  • Diet and TCM Adjustment for Chronic Hepatitis
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