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Chaofan Zhou

Zhou Chaofan Language: Mandarin, English
Department: Internal Medicine
Expertise: specializes in diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, especially infertility, premature ovarian failure and Alzheimer’s disease.

As the heath care doctor for Chinese prior National Leaders, Professor Zhou was born in a family of traditional Chinese medicine. Graduated from the TCM department of Shanghai University of T.C.M., Professor Zhou once worked in the Institute of Chinese Materia Medica, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, focusing on TCM prescription research. In 1985, he was appointed to set up and worked as the director of TCM Principals of Treatment Research Department, Institute of Basic Theory of TCM, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, engaging in the construction of the department on TCM Principals of Treatment, as well as the literature, theory, clinical and trial research of traditional and modern Chinese Medicine.


  • Chief editor of six medical books, such as “Traditional Chinese Medicine Principals of Treatment”;
  • Co-editor of 20 medical books, including “Glossary of Chinese Herb Medicine” which received the National Science Award;
  • Nearly 100 published academic papers such as “Clinical Observation and Experience of Treating Vascular Headache with Jiawei Siwu Decoction”.
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