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Other Diseases

Alice, 46, from South Africa, with serous RA

Alice, 46 years old, coming from South Africa, is a pretty and elegant lady who is competent in international trade. She works in her family firm on maternal and child care supplies. To make the business bigger, she flies to many counties to talking about collaboration frequently, bringing great results. Yet, the long term hard work, irregular diet and the inadequate sleep made her body immunity lower and unfortunately rheumatoid …Read More

Amjad, Spinal Cord Injury, from South Africa

After the 2017 Chinese New Year, ReLife ushered a South African patient called Amjad. A fifty year-old man who suffered serious spinal cord injury caused by a car accident two years ago. In addition to the direct injury to the spinal cord, he also got many serious complications, such as no sensation below the chest or abdominal breathing at all and bedsore on his coccygeal vertebra, and lack of strength …Read More

Bahia suffers from RA

Bahia, a 55 year-old high school geography teacher from Qatar caught multiple disease through hardworking for a long time. Such as RA, cervical vertebra disease and the knee joint disease. And all of these diseases made her very painful for near a decade. Before she come Beijing for treatment, she had been received the medical treatment in her own country, but the local western medicine treatment hadn’t helped to relieve her …Read More

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