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Congratulations to the Whites!

Mr White sent us a picture of his newly-born daughter with great excitement, saying: “thank you, ReLife, I am a dad now!” Mr White, American, works in Shanghai, China. He once suffered from necrospermia, which rendered him fathering a child impossible. Though comfortably well-off, having no child had always been his only and lasting regret. With the help of ReLife’s medical team, he finally overcame the disease and impregnated his …Read More

Primary Infertility: Mrs. Li from China

Disclaimer: Please note the results will differ due to each patient’s unique condition. Please submit your medical files to obtain a professional consultation with us. Name: Mrs. Li Age: 29 Gender: Female Nationality: China Diagnosis: Primary Infertility Conditions before  Therapy for Infertility Mrs. Li was unable to conceive over 3 year’s marriage. Check-up of her husband was normal. Her menstrual cycle was 32-38 days. She experienced intermittent abdominal pain which progressed when she got a cold or depressed …Read More

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