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Diabetes Mellitus

Cell-based Gene Approach for Diabetic Foot, Mrs. Liu from China

Name: Mrs. Liu Age: 63 Gender: Female Nationality: China Diagnosis: Diabetic Foot (Grade II) Therapy: Cell-based Gene Therapy (Adipose-derived stem cell and HGF) Conditions before Cell-based Gene Therapy for Diabetic Foot Mrs. Liu is a 63 years old patient from China. She was diagnosed with diabetic foot 8 years ago. She started to experience cold and numb feelings in her feet 3 years ago and was later diagnosed as diabetic …Read More

Stem Cell Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes, Miss Thilaga from India

Two months after Miss Thilaga received cell-based gene therapy, her parents wrote to us:
We are really happy for the result of cell-based gene therapy. We took her to have her blood glucose test last week; her fasting blood glucose level has dropped to 5.7 mmol/L ~ 8.3 mmol/L, her postprandial blood glucose has dropped to 6.4 mmol/L ~10.1 mmol/L. Her insulin intake has reduced to 22 Units per day, including 14 Units at morning and 8 Units at evening. Read More

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