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Cerebral Palsy

You are the most handsome boy, my little prince from Morocco

Name: Amin Age: 2 years old Gender:Male Nationality: Morocco Diagnosis:Cerebral Palsy Approach: rehabilitation therapy and TCM   On April 28th, 2017, ReLife ushered a two year-old child from Morocco called Amin, an extremely cute boy who suffers from Cerebral Palsy after birth. All of us felt sad the first time we met him. And we decided to help him immediately.   His condition could be summarized into the following key …Read More

Good news travels fast: after 2 month, this girl with cerebral palsy is able to stand by herself

The moment we received this video from little M’s mother, Algeria, it touches everyone’s heart, some of us even burst into tears. Our beloved angel now could stand up by herself, with the same amiable smile on her face. Thank god; you let us believe again that miracle does happen. Against the god’s will, this four-year old was born with cerebral palsy and unable to neither walk nor speak. Born …Read More

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