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ReLife is chosen to be the model hospital by ASEAN

Recently, more than 20 representatives from Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) visited ReLife International Medical Center following the lead of the director of the Medical Tourism Administration. This time, the ASEAN representatives chose 3 model hospitals in Beijing to visit and ReLife is proud to be one of them. ReLife staff elaborated the principle of “Green Treatment” which included green environment, green daily care and most importantly the green …Read More

Let’s celebrate for the National Day of Malaysia!

We are glad to participate in the National Day of Malaysia held in the embassy of Malaysia in Beijing. It is Malaysia’s 159th anniversary, a meaningful day. The celebrating hall is decorated in Malaysian style. The fresh durians, pineapples, coconuts, grapes and bananas and a great variety delicious food are all local characteristic features. The Malaysian ambassadors are talking happily with guests and treat us to excellent meal. May Malaysia …Read More

TCM, a gift to the world

On the 15th of October, ReLife International Medical Center is invited to participate the government initiated event – “Beijing Foreign Language Festival 2016”, aiming to deepen the understanding between local Beijinger and world and educate local citizens on their English level through all aspects including listening, reading, writing and speaking. ReLife International Medical Center, representing the most sought-after foreign hospital, is invited to the medical forum “ Bilinggual TCM Lectures …Read More

Dolphin Assisted Therapy for Autism

He is from Nigeria, with an interesting name Wall-E, the same as the solar-powered robots in the movie. He is 38 years old, suffered from autism when he was three, with a young-looking face like 18 years old, yet the intelligence equals to 8 years old. Every time when we look at him, our heart is broken to pieces. Apart from applying the latest western therapy combined with the traditional …Read More

Auricular Acupuncture (Ear Acupuncture) – find its place in the U.S military, proven an effective alternative to painkiller

For many service members, pain is an accepted consequence of military service. Military personnel injured in theater can experience chronic pain long after their wounds have healed. An injury is not even necessary for pain to develop; joint and muscle pain develops over time from the rigors of carrying heavy packs and equipment day after day. It’s reported that battlefield acupuncture, offering a safer and more effective alternative to dangerous …Read More

Walkathon Launched by ReLife is going on

Look, there are so many 60+ people wearing orange T-shirts taking a walk around our hospital campus. Guess what are they doing on earth in the beautiful ReLife yard? They are gathered together to join the Walkathon activity Launched by ReLife to celebrate the 67th Anniversary of the National Day of China. All participates must be 60 years old and above. They are all willing to walk together not only …Read More

Whenever our eyes lay on those hearts, our hearts lay on yours

Our Croatian friends, your presents decorated everywhere in our office, the one caught most of our eyes is this Gingerbread Heart – a traditional souvenir from Zagreb, Croatia. Our Croatian friends, how are you? Thank you, dear ambassador, for inviting us to your celebration.

Phelps puts spotlight on cupping

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps led American swimmers to a gold medal in the 4×100-meter relay, but what grabbed media attention and led to stories and photos around the globe were the purple and red circles on his back. They were caused by the ancient Chinese healing treatment “cupping”. What’s cupping? Cupping, a form of acupuncture, is done by lighting flammable liquid in a glass cup. Once the flame goes …Read More

ReLife was elected to be one of the 14 pilot hospitals in Beijing to deliver the medical tourism project.

On August 19, 2016 ReLife was elected to be one of the 14 pilot hospitals in Beijing to deliver the medical tourism project. In the meantime, ReLife has received research and development funds from Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Bureau to further advance its medical tourism project. ReLife is about to launch its subsidiary website about how natural traditional medicine treatment will benefit rheumatic arthritis patients. There will be complementary Q&A …Read More

ReLife International is honored to participate this year’s Nobel Laureate Biomedical Summit in Chengdu

  On 2rd of September, ReLife is invited to the 2016 Nobel Prize Laureate Summit, which is entitled as “Serendipity in Science”. Continuing the high-standard, high-level and high-quality academic conference scope of the previous two, this summit invited 6 Nobel Prize Laureates to address the key issues of biomedical technology and exchange ideas on topics of new trends, policy and interpretation. In the past two year’s Nobel Laureate Summit, ReLife …Read More

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