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Under the leadership of Bureau of TCM, ReLife showcases at Macau Exhibition

On October 19, 2017, the ReLife International Medical Center, as the first batch of Beijing TCM International Medical Service Base selected by Beijing traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, appeared on behalf of China Beijing international medical institutions at the 22nd  International Trade Fair in Macao. At the meeting, vice mayor of Beijing, Macao’s secretary for economy and finance, the points of ccpit, director of the Hong Kong and Macao affairs office of …Read More

Good News! The Representative from Sudan Embassy Come to Visit Us

Walid, the representative from Sudan embassy, come to ReLife international medical center to visit patients from Sudan. Walid was very gentle and kind, when he got here, he expressed greeting to all the people who was there welcoming him. Dawood is our worker here, who is responsible for coordinating, so he took Walid around, showed him our patients room, operating room from the outside, and relaxing room. The patients are …Read More

ReLife opens a new era in Chinese apitherapy

To dear ReLife’s patients and friends, This Monday was absolutely a historical day, whether for ReLife or world TCM. Because on this day, the International Research Center of Apitherapy was officially founded in the headquarters of ReLife. And it also symbolized that the BEIJING`s first ever international hospital of apitherapy was officially on the line. Nearly 50 representatives from the Chinese and world medical industry attended this event. It will …Read More

ReLife Celebrates Winter Solstice with Foreign Patients

Today is December 21,2016, the Winter Solstice- a grand festival all over China. What is special on the day? The answer is that the daytime lasts the shortest while the night lasts the longest of the yeahe new round of the solar term, the Winter Solstice is the earliest. More than 2500 years ago, Chinese people had detected this day by measuring the sun. And It is an important day in China, …Read More

A Thank-you Note Left by a South African Friend

Miss N. , a friend from South Africa, flying to her home from ReLife, Beijing in China, leaves us a note, saying: I am happy about how Lisa handled my case the first day she received my enquiry email. She communicated with me throughout until I came to the hospital. She has got a very good customer care. Cherry is a very good sweet girl treating patients with love and …Read More

Our Old Friends from Sudan and Saudi Come to Us Again

In the past few years, ReLife keeps a close tie with Arabic speaking countries by organizing free work-shop and medical consultation for Eygpt Embassy, coming to Dubai to attend medical exhibition and presentation, offering medical assistance for Mahammad’s football club. Today it is excited to see those two old friends come to see us, Dr. Zhang, the president of ReLife International Medical Center accommodate them and they had a good …Read More

Mr. Sun, a Reporter from China Three Gorges News, published an Article for ReLife’s Saving his Life in the Airplane

Today, it is a normal working day for us, googling information and translating medical document is our daily routine. Suddenly we came across with a piece of news over the internet, about our hospital. The author is a man surnamed Sun, who we saved on the airplane flying to Dubai last year December. On the article, Mr. Sun would not express enough for his gratitude for ReLife’s doctors for saving …Read More

On This Special Day, ReLife Would Like to Say Thank You to you all

To dear ReLife’s patients and friends, On this special Thanksgiving Day, on behalf of the whole crew we would like to say thank you to you all, for your support and encouragement. We will never travel this far without you. Thank you for trusting us with your heart, leaving us with good memory; Thank you for telling us your good news, bringing us with excitement; Thank you for treating us …Read More

An Interview to ReLife Nurses

Today we make an interesting Interview with ReLife’s lovely nursing team. Their heart is filled with love; wisdom and confidence, who are always at the frontline helping patients in pain and in need. Most of them are at their 20s, but their devotion to their nursing job impresses us all. Like what Florence Nightingal said, “No man, not even a doctor, ever gives any other definition of what a nurse …Read More

Good News Travels Fast: after 2 Month, This Girl with Cerebral Palsy is Able to Stand by Herself

The moment we received this video from little M’s mother, Algeria, it touches everyone’s heart, some of us even burst into tears. Our beloved angel now could stand up by herself, with the same amiable smile on her face. Thank god; you let us believe again that miracle does happen. Against the god’s will, this four-year old was born with cerebral palsy and unable to neither walk nor speak. Born …Read More

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