Is there any way that we can do to care about the ALS patients?

¬†Everyone has his own wish, especially when life goes into the countdown. Please respect their final choice. Perhaps you can’t understand, perhaps you are responsible for life. But please don’t complain because they can’t afford any pressure from relatives, please help them achieve almost final wishes. Their ability to live is unwittingly. When they eat…

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How do you know you have ALS?

The average age of ALS was 56 years in sporadic patients and 46 years in patients with positive family history. The average course of disease was 3 ~ 5 years, but the course of disease was also different in different subtypes. Generally speaking, patients under 55 years of age have a longer survival period. In…

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What is MND?

Motor neuron disease (MND) is a group of chronic progressive neurodegenerative diseases with unknown etiological factors, including spinal cord anterior horn cells, brainstem motor neurons, cortical pyramidal cells and pyramidal tract. The incidence is about 1 / 3 / 100, 000 a year, and the prevalence is 4 / 8 / 100, 000 a year.…

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