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About Cancer Treatment at ReLife

ReLife International Medical Center provides comprehensive medical treatments for cancer patients, including DC-CIK therapy and Chinese medicine.  

DC-CIK Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy for iabetes

DC-CIK biotherapy is one kind of cancer immune therapies, using CIK cells induced and transfected by dendritic cells (DC). Dendritic cells are the most powerful type of antigen-presenting cell. DC can present the tumor antigen to CIK cells and doubly activate CIK cells’ ability to recognize cancerous cells. Compared to CIK biotherapy, while maintains the therapeutic effects, DC-CIK biotherapy has a greater precision to seek and kill tumor cells and helps to increase the sensibility of cancerous cells to chemotherapy with little to no side effects. DC-CIK biotherapy has been applied to treat many malignant tumors with evident effects, including liver cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, rectal cancer, etc.

Suitable conditions
Malignant cancers, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, leukemia, melanoma, malignant lymphoma, renal cell carcinoma, metastatic renal carcinoma, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, and gastric cancer.

Possible treatment effects

  • Kill the cancer cells directly and prevent the growth and metastasis of tumor
  • Improve patient’s immune ability
  • Prevent and treat infection
  • Strengthen the effect of surgery
  • Enhance the efficacy of radiotherapy
  • Enhance the efficacy of chemotherapy 
  • Better immune function.

Chinese Medicine for Cancer


Nowadays, TCM has practiced in different forms globally and has played an important role in cancer treatment as assists with other treatments to achieve a better effect. Based on the concept of holism, TCM can enhance the treatment effect with cooperation of other cancer treatments, as well as lessen the side effects. Utilization of TCM can more effectively prevent the metastasis of cancer after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy so as to prolong the patient’s life span. For late stage cancer patient, TCM is equivalent to improve the patient’s symptoms, life quality, as well as life-span.

Suitable conditions

  • As a complementary for cancer patients with other treatments
  • Possible improvements
  • Enhance treatment effects of other cancer treatments
  • Improve patient’s immunity
  • Lessen the side effects of other cancer treatments
  • Improve the quality of patient’s life

Cancer Treatment FAQ

Diabetes Treatment FAQ

How much does the c treatment cost?
The estimate cost of cancer treatment here ranges from ¥133,000RMB to 350,000RMB. The actual cost depends on each patient’s condition, degree of disease and complications, etc.

The payment includes:

  1. Cellular therapy: high dose of IV injections of DC-CIK cell injections
  2. Daily Medications (prepare and enhance the microenvironment in the patient’s immune system to support and protect the coming cells)
  3. Supporting treatment. (for example, the traditional Chinese medicine treatments) 
  4. Room fee for the patient AND for 1-2 accompanying family member(s).
  5. General medical services; Doctor’s visits, laboratory tests and image examinations etc.

The payment does not include:

  1. Emergency medical treatment, stabilizing treatment, or treatment for unrelated illness
  2. Discharge medications
  3. Unexpected expenses such as prolonged time of hospitalization.
  4. Food.

How long should I stay in China for my treatment?
Usually, it takes about 14-24 days to finish the cancer treatment at ReLife. 

What cells do you use for cancer treatment?
At ReLife, we usually apply DC and CIK cells for cancer patients.

What’s the source of the DC and CIK cells?
There are three main resources to get DC and CIK cells for cancer patients: umbilical cord blood, patient’s own peripheral blood and patient’s daughter or son’s peripheral blood.

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