Anti-cancer food

Studies have proven that the healthiest diet follows the order of diet pyramid, which is in the order of fruit, vegetable, nuts, whole grain, fish, light dairy products and a lean amount of meat. The great chance to avoid cancer is choosing the a healthy diet to result a better effect. As cancer is one of the most fatal disorders, eating right may be the key to a prosperous life. American Institute for cancer research has reviewed over 4500 research results from World Health Organization (WHO), U.S Department of Agriculture , researches on cancer from China and other countries, which has later concluded into a report of Global view on how diet and nutrition affiliate with the  cancer risk reduction. This report has once again urge people that reducing the risk of cancer is not a hard task. It can be very simple just by giving up smoking, eat right and maintain a healthy body by regular exercises. It is also advised to include 5 different types of vegetables and fruits per day to reduce as much as 20% of chances to develop cancer.

According to a profound study on chemical substance that induces or inhibits cancer genes by Doctor Robert, expert in environmental toxicology from United States, there are specific two types of food with multi-vitamins and anti-cancer agents as below are strongly recommended to include into daily consumption. garlic, onion, Chinese chives, sparrowgrass and verdant.

Garlic: Garlic contains an anti-cancer substance called sulfur compound (example: diallyl disulfide). This sulfur compound may stimulate the immune system’s natural defenses against cancer, which has the great potential to reduce tumor growth. A study in China has indicated that areas with high consumption of garlic have lower stomach cancer rate compares to those areas with less consumption of garlic. Besides, the Allicin contained in garlic can kill many types of bacteria, which helps to kill bacteria gastrointestinal tract in order to block the formation of nitrosamine. The best way to eat raw garlic is placed it in the air for a while which allows the alliin to react with the allinase enzyme to have better effect in inhibiting cancer. Onion : It is best to consume at least 50 gram of onion per day to avoid stomach cancer. Onion is also known as the “Queen of Veggie” in Europe and America. Onion contains sulfur compound and multi-vitamins which are necessary to our body to remove body toxic waste, to slow down the skin ageing and to avoid lipofuscin. Onion also contains a chemical substance named Prostagladin A1 (PGA1), which is rarely found in many vegetables. PGA1 can lower the blood pressure. Onion can also be used to treat sequelae of stroke. The microelement, selenium contained in onion is also a substance of anti-cancer, which can accelerate the decomposition of peroxide, cutting off oxygen supply to tumor’s malignancy and cease the growth of tumor. In the meanwhile, selenium also stimulates the secretion of glutathione from our body. Glutathione is an anticancer agent with cytoprotective effects on the susceptibility in the cytotoxic effects. Onion also contains alpha-doradexanthin, a well-known anti-cancer chemical substance. Thus, to avoid getting cancer, it is vital to keep these two groups of food into our daily meals. Garlic group and onion group of vegetables have shown great power to lower the risk of people having cancer. Remember to keep these two veggies in our kitchen and keep cancer away.