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Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy

We apply Hepatocyte growth factors to our gene therapy, which is in the leading medical field of the treatment of many difficult conditions, especially for anti-aging, reproductive diseases and ischemic disorders.

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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

ReLife provides mesenchymal stem cell therapy and adipose-derived stem cell therapy for diabetes, diabetic foot, infertility, premature ovarian failure, anti-aging and ischemic heart disease, etc.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

With the combination of modern medical techniques and TCM, "ReLife" fully applies the unique TCM treatment approach for various complicated medical conditions, including acupuncture, cupping, massage and natural therapy, etc.

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By constructing and establishing solid foundation in advanced medical field, "ReLife" is aimed at offering state-of-the-art diagnosis and providing care for complex and rare disorders. Please feel free to make an Inquiry to "ReLife".

Patient Stories

Why Choose Us

Excelsior in Every Single Service

Each and every doctor in “ReLife” focuses only on small number of patient. It allows our professionals to provide full attention to every single disorder of our patients. “ReLife” concentrate on unique disorders, allowing professional-needs disorders are served at “ReLife”.

Non-toxic Methods Applied

Using the latest technologies, “ReLife” has combine gene therapy with adipose cell therapy. Using safe and reliable methods, “ReLife” has successfully conducted non-toxic and green treatment, including combine with traditional Chinese medicine, which is also a natural treatment approach.

Individual Formulated Treatment

For each patient, “ReLife” provide intensive and attentive care. Expertise team at “ReLife” focuses on one individual’s condition before formulating the best treatment method, thereby ensuring our medical quality.

Long-term Medical Attention

After receiving treatment at “ReLife”, we provide a long-term medical attention to assure our patient best recovery. Constant attention and guidelines would be provided to instruct the maintenance of your wellness.

Privacy and Confidentiality

At “ReLife”, disorder is not the only priority we concern. We respect every information related to our patient, our goal is bringing patient back to wellness in a secured, minimum disturbance and relax environment. “ReLife” secures every patient’s confidentiality before, during and even after receiving treatment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Treatment at “ReLife” not only adopted with advanced methods, we also provide alternative traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Our “ReLife” experts are well recognized in orient and will conduct suitable method for your wellness needs.

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  • I’m really glad to see my father to be able to enjoy life again, I was worried about his condition when he first received gene-based cell therapy, but as time passes, the result is truly amazing. He always said that he wanted for a trip with his grandson and now I think this trip is gonna bring us together just like the old time.

    Mr. Li's Son

  • We are really thankful for cell-based gene therapy, he is now able to dress up by himself. Last week, he had a friend visited him and he was able to welcome him and even pour some tea. He is now able to recognize his own grandson, we hope that he will continue to get better.

    Mr. Xu's family

  • I’m glad to inform you that he is currently in wellness, expect occasional complain of exhaustion. His eyes have slight redness but he said that he felt no more pain. He is now willing to start walking and shown good appetite. He is having regular daily urination and bowel movement.

    Salem Nur Al Hasiqf's caregiver

  • I feel like being young again. With more energy I have, I can accomplish much more, not just in my career but also on my family…

    Mrs Elizabeth

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